Pool Service & Maintenance in Ballina

Service Area - Tyagarah down to Evans Head including Byron Bay, Suffolk Park, Lennox Head, Ballina, Wardell Broadwater, Empire Vale & Evans Head, west to Alstonville, Bexhill and surrounding.
Pool Maintenance Equipment — Ballina Pool Shop in Ballina, NSW

Our Pool Maintenance Services

At Ballina Pool Shop, we keep your pool and spa clean, safe and functional all year round. Our pool servicing and maintenance programs include breakdown repairs and new equipment installations. We also replace and install pool pumps and filters!

Pool Cleaning And Testing — Ballina Pool Shop in Ballina, NSW

Pool Cleaning & Testing

Our pool service technicians conduct regular pool servicing and one-off cleans to suit your preference and schedule. We remove stains and moulds to keep the water safe and appealing. We then provide a written report and invoice upon completion.

To ensure the quality of your pool water, we run a comprehensive water analysis for residential properties throughout Ballina and the Northern Rivers. A full detailed report is provided by our team after the water test.

Equipment Sales And Repairs — Ballina Pool Shop in Ballina, NSW

Equipment Sales & Repairs

Whether your pool pump has stopped working or your pool heating system needs upgrading, we’ve got your maintenance needs covered. We supply and repair a variety of equipment, including:

  • Pool pumps
  • Pool filters
  • Pool cleaners
  • Saltwater chlorinators
  • Automatic chlorine dosers
  • Ozonators

We replace and install pool pumps and filters where required. We have qualified service technicians at the ready to come to your location. Ballina Pool Shop supports all major brand warranties on installations. Where necessary, we conduct pre-settlement inspections and pool insurance work.

Trained And Insured — Ballina Pool Shop in Ballina, NSW

Trained & Insured

All our technicians have gone through strict training and carry appropriate insurance, which means you can trust us to provide high-quality workmanship at every stage.

For every maintenance service, we ensure all of the equipment is safe and operational. Get your pool running at optimal performance with the help of our team!

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I have my pool water tested?

Answer: As recommended, your pool and/or spa water should be tested once or twice per week. However, water testing will depend on how frequent you use your pool and/or spa. Seasonal changes may influence the frequency of testing.

Is pool water balance important?

Answer: Yes. Keeping your pool water balanced can help improve the sanitation process as well as protect your pool lining and equipment – saving you time and money. A balanced pool water test includes identifying the pH, alkalinity, temperature and calcium hardness levels.

Why is my pool pump making an unusual noise?

Answer: Leaking mechanical seals are a usual cause of pump noise. If there are signs of salt or drip stain under the belly of the pump, it usually indicates a leak. Have your pool pump checked by a pool and spa expert to repair the inside bearings and seals.