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Construction Area - Kingscliff down to Yamba and all areas in between, including Byron Bay, Ewingsdale, Suffolk Park, Lennox, Ballina etc and as far west as Casino and Kyogle and all down the East Coast.
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Concrete Pools: Hard-Wearing & Customisable

At Ballina Pool Shop, we design and construct residential concrete pools throughout the entire Ballina and Northern Rivers region. No matter the shape, size or extra features you prefer, our qualified builders will assist from the initial consultation through to excavation and construction.

Planning & Design

Planning & Design

A beautifully constructed pool is only possible with careful planning. At Ballina Pool Shop, we take the time to discuss your requirements to come up with a design that suits your style, vision and budget.

Our concrete pools come in a variety of shapes, sizes, features and finishes to give you more options. Some of the projects we’ve completed include freeform, geometric and lap pools.

Finishing Options

Finishing Options

We have pebble and fibreglass interiors for concrete pool construction. If you need help with deciding, we can recommend the right interior finish for your project.

Should you require pool pumps, filters and cleaners, we supply these products to keep your pool fully functional all year round.


Concrete Pool Construction

We handle the entire process from marking out the area for excavation through to adding formwork before concreting. We reinforce concrete pools with steel bars to ensure durability and longevity.

Where possible, we custom-build concrete pools to match any space. However big or small, we can have your construction needs sorted in no time.

Get Started Today

Get Started Today

At Ballina Pool Shop, we personalise our service to help you build your dream pool. We offer homeowner warranty insurance upon project completion.

Get started on your project with our team! Enjoy a beautiful concrete pool that you will love and will add value to your home.

We service the areas of Byron, Lennox Head, East Ballina, Wardell, Alstonville, Skennars Head, Broken Head and surrounding suburbs.

Swimming Pool With Concrete Deck

Is A Concrete Pool The
Best Option For You?

Building a brand new concrete pool is a big deal – it takes a fair bit of time, money, and effort to do well. This means it’s essential to be fully clued up on all the pros and cons of a concrete pool before you – ahem – take the plunge.

Reasons To Choose A Concrete Pool

Concrete Pools Are Long Lasting

Concrete is durable. It can handle all sorts of things from chemicals to environmental changes. This makes it a great material to use for pool construction, so long as the installation is done correctly.

Concrete pools are hard to damage. They don’t often need major repairs and can last a long time before they need to be replaced. Concrete can cope well with fluctuations in temperature and cope with hot temperatures as well as colder ones.

Concrete Pools Are Customisable

Need a free form pool? Geometric design? Or just a good old fashioned lap pool? Whatever shape or size you need, concrete can be made to your exact requirements. It’s a flexible, formable material that works for many types of pool structures.

You can combine depths, shapes, and sizes to meet your needs and build a pool that’s perfect for you and your family. Concrete pools are easy to adapt to suit your garden aesthetic too, so your pool will enhance rather than simply dominate your space. We love the fact that a concrete pool can be designed to meet the needs of a growing family and be a central part of your forever home.

A Concrete Swimming Pool

Things To Consider Before
You Choose A Concrete Pool

Installation Time

Installing a concrete pool takes time. On average, the process takes about 3 months, but it can take up to six months for more complex designs. The whole process from design to finalisation can take longer and we often spend around 12 months working with our customers to create the perfect concrete pool. If you need a quicker solution, a fibreglass pool may be the better option.

Concrete Pools Cost More

Installing a concrete pool can be expensive. Concrete pools are bespoke designs and extensive customisation inevitably adds to the initial costs. The end result is a beautifully designed pool that works for you and your family. Customers are always delighted to have made the investment of time and money, but again, if finances are limited, our team can help you find alternatives.

Taking Care Of Your Concrete Pool

Concrete is durable, so repairs should be limited and infrequent. This doesn’t mean a concrete pool is maintenance free though. You will need to scrub and sweep the pool each week to keep algae from building up on the porous surface.

The nature of concrete means that the surface can be rough too, so there’s a need for regular refinishing of plaster.

These aspects need to be factored into the costs of owning a concrete pool. Ballina Pool Shop offers a comprehensive pool maintenance service to keep your concrete pool in tip-top condition all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I build a concrete pool?

Being durable and versatile, concrete can suit any size and location. It offers more flexibility in terms of design, giving you the freedom to customise your concrete pool. When it comes to interior finishes, you can choose pebbles, tiles or fibreglass. You can also add extra features such as steps and ledges, islands and much more.

How long will it take to build a concrete pool?

Building a concrete pool may take between 3 to 4 months depending on the size and complexity of construction. You need to factor in important aspects such as the planning and design stage, excavation work, concrete curing and many others.

Who will organise council approvals for my concrete pool project?

Many concrete pool construction companies organise council approvals before commencing work. You may clarify this with your pool builder during the initial consultation