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Testing thousands of samples since 1988 we have  learnt the way our local  water works. To test your pool we require a bottle of pool water, the volume of water and type of surface. Then the sanitizer used and concentration required. For example salt at 4%. We specialise in mineral and salt pools. Oxygen water, Ozone, Ionised water and grander water are all looked after with our testing.

SPRING 2019 Tips                        Mustard Algae  will be wanting to bloom when the water reaches 24 celsius. It will look like dust and is one of the most resistant. Test phosphate levels and add a algacide designed for this type of bloom.


Add before increasing your chlorine for 2019 season. This is a smart way of combatting staining.

Magna Pool complete mineral system.

NATURAL POOL is a patented blend of magnesium and potassium chloride in liquid form. 1 bottle for 50 000 liter pool lasts 3 months.

Robots that clean without running the filter. 

Suction cleaners –  Acrobat, H2O pool style and Neptune GT3.



Salt Chlorinators with PH control and Blue Tooth

From full automatic control to the best buy with infield warranty.


The best way of saving money, no need for off peak or solar power. 


Check for signs of salt or drip stain under the belly of the pump. This indicates a leaking mechanical seal.
Bring it into the shop for repairs or have it picked up.

Repair Salt Chlorinators

Check the cell for a cloud of gas, good production means there is also chlorine production. If none bring in the control box and the cell for a repair.

Quiptron, Water Co, Poolrite, Paramount/Aquaswim, Sk950


POOL HEATING Heat pump / Solar / Gas

If your spa is costing a lot and you want it HOT check out the new 10 amp heat pumps. Portable, plug in and low running costs.


Glass filled media filters.

Cartridge filters and replacement cartridges.


POOL SERVICES Book in a service ballinapoolshop@gmail.com 

POOL CLUB DEALS – members annual fee $25

Full service $62.10/hr  –  (clean pool, empty baskets, clean filter, check cell, check timer, add  chemicals.) – NON Club = $69

Test service $36 –  (Test water and add required chemicals.) – Non Club = $40