Pool Renovations Ballina

Pool Renovation in Ballina, NSW

Pool Resurfacing & Restoration

Is your swimming pool looking drab and outdated? Our qualified pool builders at Ballina Pool Shop specialise in renovating existing pools for residential homes throughout the Ballina and Northern Rivers region.

Why Choose Ballina Pool Shop?

Your swimming pool is a big asset, which is why we’re committed to revitalising pools at a cost you require. We don’t jump to conclusions and suggest a replacement when we can resurface and restore them.

Over the years, we’ve obtained more than 32 awards for our pool construction and renovation projects. Regardless of your requirements, we always customise our solutions to transform the look and feel of your pool and/or spa.

Concrete & Fibreglass Pool Restoration

If your existing fibreglass or concrete pool is in dire need of a renovation, we can help you. At Ballina Pool Shop, we can install new fibreglass linings in various colours, re-do the waterline tile and/or give it a new pebble interior whichever you prefer, this will give your pool a new lease on life.

We also upgrade pool equipment such as pump, filter, and chlorinator, and this can all be done during the renovation period. Please give us a call! Our team is ready to come out and give you a free quote, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I renovate my pool?

Swimming pools that have been built for years may require a remodel. Here are a few common issues to check:

  • Cracks & blisters on the pool surface
  • Discoloured plaster
  • Outdated/cracked tiles
  • Damaged coping

A qualified pool builder can provide a recommendation while you make the final decision.

Is renovating a pool worth it?

Yes. Renovating an existing concrete or fibreglass swimming pool is a cost-effective choice. It often involves replacing the existing lining, adding interiors and changing the colour and shape of the pool, which are less expensive than a complete replacement.

How long will a pool renovation take?

Generally, a pool remodel can last up to 2 weeks. The duration of work will depend on the pool type as well as the scope of the project. If you need to replace old tiling, plaster or linings, it may take around two weeks or less.